7 Proven Style of Wedding Photography on Your Wedding Day?

How to Choose the Right Style of Wedding Photography on Your Wedding Day?

style of wedding photography

A wedding is a big and special day for everyone to share with their family, friends, and relatives. Those who have been planning a wedding for a long time will know how important the choice of photographer is because a wedding is a day on which you want to capture everything, from your wedding dress and gold wedding bands to your wedding dance with your loved ones.

It is not as easy as you think because there are so many photographers offering different styles for photos that you may find it challenging to choose the right style for your day. You have to watch out and take time before choosing the right type of photography for your big day.

Here are some of the right styles of wedding photography on your wedding day;

1. Traditional Wedding Photography on Your Big Day:

Wedding photography has been the traditional way of taking photos since many years ago. It usually uses film cameras, and it is almost similar to digital cameras these days. The photographs taken by wedding photographers are mostly away from the ceremony, intentionally offbeat and uniquely creative for those who like to cherish their special day. However, the styles and techniques of traditional wedding photography may not be suitable for everyone as some people may not like those artistic shots which do not show much reality on the day.

2. Photojournalistic Wedding Photography On Your Big Day:

Photojournalistic wedding photography aims to capture natural photos of your wedding day, which shows real stories about your special days through journalistic shooting styles. These kinds of photographers usually work without any limitations, restrictions, or even pose suggestions as they want to depict everything naturally on your wedding day. They usually do not alter, enhance or even correct the images in post-processing as they believe that you should have a record of your day as it is without any interference from him.

Since photojournalistic wedding photography is all about natural shots, choosing an experienced and talented photographer who can produce artworks of the highest quality is really important to get good results. So, make sure you choose a professional wedding photographer who has worked on many weddings before and has distinct styles for different events.


3. Fusion Wedding Photography On Your Big Day:

fusion of photos is one of the most common styles in wedding photography nowadays as it combines traditional photos with photojournalistic tones. These types of photographers usually shoot your big day like a photojournalist while they still preserve classic shots on your wedding day to produce artistic images that are suitable for art galleries or books on your special days. If you want to have both artistic and natural-looking photos on your big day, fusion wedding photography would be one of the best choices for you.

Fusion wedding photography is suitable for those who want to have both classic and natural-looking photos on their big day. However, the results of such wedding photography still depend on how much reality will be captured by your photographer as he can easily turn it into an artistic one.

4. Candid Wedding Photography On Your Big Day:

Candid shots are not posed shots but rather natural poses that look very candid. Photojournalists usually capture these photographs without other people knowing that a camera is aimed at them during the special moments, which means nobody should pose for these pictures. This style of wedding photography aims to get real emotions and reactions from your guests on your big day without letting them know that the photographer is capturing them.

Choosing a professional candid wedding photographer is very important for this type of photographic approach. He should be skillful enough to capture everything naturally as photojournalists do without making too much noise or altering the atmosphere with his presence.

5. Picture Perfection Wedding Photography on Your Big Day:

This kind of style of wedding photography aims to capture pictures that look like artwork through editing skills in post-processing. The results of this style of wedding photography are very close to the painting or drawing as they look so artistic with vivid colors, impressive contrasts, and sharp lines. Wedding photographers who provide this kind of service usually have great post-processing skills in Adobe Photoshop, so if you want your big day photos to look perfect without too much effort on your part, picture perfection wedding photography is one of the best choices for you.

Since picture perfection wedding photography heavily relies on editing skills in post-processing, it would be better for couples to ask their photographer about his post-processing abilities before hiring him.

6. Alternative Wedding Photography on Your Special Day:

This type of style of wedding photography is suitable for those who want their big day photos to be different from others as it is aimed at capturing unique shots that are unlike other styles. Alternative wedding photography could be very interesting for couples who want to have avant-garde photos on their big day. Still, they don’t always mean alternative style should only rely on unconventional shooting methods or unusual props. Photographers can produce great results through many other approaches rather than the usual ones, so you need not worry about your alternative wedding photography being plain weird!

Although alternative wedding photography has its definition, there are still no strict requirements which mean you can ask your photographer about his philosophy towards this kind of picture before hiring him. It would be better for you to ask him about his requirements for this style of wedding photography to get the desired results!

7. Destination Wedding Photography on Your Big Day:

suppose you are getting married abroad or having a destination wedding. In that case, destination wedding photography is among the best options available as you can capture beautiful memories on your big day without worrying about many things like time constraints. However, since most couples will probably not be familiar with foreign photographers they hire, preparation becomes more important than ever before to avoid making typical mistakes when hiring a photographer for their destination wedding overseas.

Wrapping Up!

No matter what kind of wedding photography you choose, always make sure your choice is based on long-term benefits rather than short-term gains. Of course, nothing could be more critical for you to capture beautiful memories on your big day, but try not to worry about it too much if it turns out that the style you have chosen is unsuitable for capturing memories of this special day.

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