The Best Ways to Prepare for Your Engagement Session

Prepare for Your Engagement Session

Prepping for an engagement shoot may seem like a piece of cake, but with planning, practice sessions, busy schedules, and organizing wedding stuff, you may need a helping hand.

At David Eric, we specialize in engagement shoots and we often give advice to couples on exactly how to best prepare for the day. The following are the top 5 things we always tell them:

What to Wear

Rather than trying to match each other, coordinate your outfits instead. Complementary colors work best. You should bring 2 outfits each— 1 casual and 1 dressy. Try to stay away from loud patterns that will distract from your faces.

Prepare for Your Engagement Session

Bold jewelry, scarves, and bright colors DO photograph well. If you’re not sure, bring more rather than less. After all, you can leave the extra clothes in your trunk, but you won’t have time to pick up anything once the shoot begins.

Location Scout

Don’t wait until the day of the session to decide on exactly where you want to shoot. The best places are obviously the ones that mean something to you as a couple. Perhaps it was that cafe for your first date or the boardwalk following a first kiss. Whatever it may be, make sure you know where and how to get there ahead of time.

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The lighting is also something to consider. The best times to photograph are 2 hours after sunrise, and 2 hours before sunset. Always make sure you are on time for your shoot because the lighting is important. Of course, being early is the best way to be prepared in case you have any questions.

Get Inspired

If you’re having some trouble getting inspired, check out some of our past engagement sessions. We photograph all over Bergen County, New Jersey, and New York. If you need some extra ideas after looking through our portfolio, feel free to ask when you schedule. We have years of experience and can help you come up with some fun ideas for a relaxing shoot.


Not all accessories are something you wear. Some of the best engagement sessions we have photographed also include props. If you have a theme for your engagement shoot (think beach, forest, landmark, etc…) there is always a prop you can bring. If you’re sitting on the beach, a bright blanket creates the perfect staging.

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If you have a pet, they also make great cameos in engagement shots. Dogs can wear creative signs announcing your engagement. The opportunities are endless when you bring props to inspire.

The Details

The best advice we can possibly give to brides when it comes to prepping for their engagement shoot is to get that hair and makeup pre-application in. There is no better time for a wedding day practice run than right before an engagement session.

Additionally, we love to take close ups of your ring, so make sure you have it cleaned and polished the day of your session.

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Don’t skimp on the prep for your engagement shoot because you are so wrapped up in wedding planning. Use this as the perfect time to complement the entire wedding process. Do a trial run of hair and makeup, scout your most romantic locations, and bring all the props and clothes you need to make it happen. Most importantly, be yourselves, get comfortable, and your love will do the rest.

If you have any questions about how to prep for an engagement shoot, or if you want to schedule a session today, give us a call. We’d be happy to capture your love story.