Any Bergen County New Jersey portrait photographer can tell you how important a family portrait is. When you take a family photo you are really recording the history of your family. These are timeless memories that capture exactly who you were as a family at that specific moment in time. To make the most of these special occasions you really need to use a professional family photographer with the experience and equipment to provide you with the best family picture possible. This will ensure that you maximize all of the benefits of a great family photo. Here are the top reasons to have a professional family photographer take your family photo:

Children and Families

Your Children are Changing and Growing It is no surprise that life changes very quickly. Just look back at some of the old pictures you probably have saved on your smartphone. Now think of how different your children look already in just a short amount of time. Your children grow up right before your eyes yet you somehow still tend to miss it. 


As a top Bergen County New Jersey pet photographer, I understand how important your pet is to your family. Taking a picture of your pet is just as important as taking a family photo. Your pet photos capture the moments that you want to remember forever. They are also a great addition to your home.


Sometimes intended as gifts for spouses or loved ones Boudoir photos are something very personal and unique. Traditionally they were used as everything from bridal gifts, anniversary presents, or even photos for a husband at war. But sometimes a woman will have them made directly for herself. Sometimes they are meant as a keepsake. Other times they are done as a means of celebrating her body. And other times they are just for the fun of it.