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The Oakeside Mansion

Details of the day

Date: November 13th, 2016

Ceremony: The Oakeside Mansion 

Reception: The Oakeside Mansion

Dress: Sisters Bridal Boutique 

Tuxedo: Men’s Wearhouse 

Hair: AB Glam Looks

Makeup: AB Glam Looks

Entertainment: Elite Sound Entertainment

Limos: NJ Limo Bus

Florist: Dahlia Flowers 

Cake: Frungillo

New Jersey Wedding Photographers: Jerry and Caroline Rizzo

New Jersey Wedding Photographer

New Jersey Wedding Photographer

Tell us about the bride – Where you grew up went to school, where you work.

Sierra grew up in Fair Lawn, New Jersey with her dad, mom, and brother. She had many loving pets growing up, from rabbits to dogs. Her love for animals started there and grew into a great career. She has worked in a pet supply shop, an animal shelter, and now has 10 years under her belt working at the Oradell Animal Hospital.

Also about the Groom – Where you grew up went to school, where you work.

Liam grew up in River Edge, New Jersey with his mom and dad. He has been a working audio engineer and musician for over 20 years. Though always making music, he’s spent the time holding many different jobs throughout the years. From a young age he worked with his father delivering light fixtures throughout the five boroughs and surrounding metro area. He spent a few years waitering, bartending, and catering throughout Began County. There are fond memories of his days in sales, audio installation, and drum/electronic repairs for a 100 year old local family owned music store. Of course there were many sleepless weeks in a number of recording and mastering studios. Currently, he’s going on 11 plus years as an audio engineer/editor for CBS in the Hells Kitchen neighborhood of Manhattan. Spending his time restoring, editing, and mixing audio for international release, he’s alway listening to something. Liam and Sierra live together in their 102 year old craftsman house in Oradell, New Jersey slowly but surely restoring it back to its historic past.

New Jersey Wedding Photographer

New Jersey Wedding Photographer

How did you first meet? Who what when where why? Give us the dirty Details.

Sierra and Liam first met thru a mutual friend from Sierra’s work. Their friend heard that Sierra had taught rock climbing as one of her first jobs. As Liam was obsessed with climbing, it was inevitable, their friends needed to pair them together. Their first contact was through a number of emails. They’ll never forget those emails. They were quite humorous, witty, and fun. An organic back and forth was obvious from the first key stroke. Finally finding the time, the first date Sierra was taken into the city to a jazz club, a first time for her. Liam unknowingly helped her order her first beer; he had no idea she was just 22 at the time- he was 28. The beers, dinner, and music were enjoyed until very late at night. The night is still remembered vividly and repeated many times throughout the next eight and a half years, which brings us all the way to their wedding day.

When did you know he/she was the one? Was there something he/she did? etc.

Sierra and Liam definitely felt something very special on their first date but knew when they were “official” on 3/17/08

How did he propose? (Did you see it coming, how long was it in the planning? How did you feel? Nervous, excited, freaking out?)

I had no idea it was coming. I even signed the UPS form! I was totally oblivious. He took Tre (our dog) and I hiking to our favorite spot in New Paltz, New York. Liam had stopped me to give Tre some water. Tre hopped over with the ring clipped to his collar and I thought I was going to faint. I instantly started shaking (while trying to give my dog water) and crying! I hadn’t felt this way in close to 8 years! It was a wonderful day and I loved every moment of it. 

New Jersey Wedding Photographer

New Jersey Wedding Photographer

Tell us the one thing you love most about each other.

Our ability to be 100% completely who we are with each other at all times. Most definitely the constant unyielding wit that keeps us laughing daily. [and that he loves my cat that he inherited as much as i do 🙂 – Sierra]

Besides getting married -What is the one thing you are looking forward to on your wedding day?

Our first look.

Tell us your favorite trend for weddings right now?

Nature inspired decor

What inspired your decor or theme?

Favorite colors, love of old decor.

Why did you pick your Wedding Venue, What Attracted you?

The mansion is a giant version of our house. Liam wanted to get married at our home but we decided on the Oakeside instead

Oakeside Mansion Bloomfield NJ Oakeside Mansion Bloomfield NJ

Wedding Photography at The Oakeside Mansion Bloomfield NJ

 David Eric Photography was lucky enough to have the opportunity to capture another beautiful wedding at The Oakeside Mansion Bloomfield NJ. The Oakeside Mansion Bloomfield NJ, known to be one of the top wedding locations in the area. Brides and Groom always find their elegant and vibrant atmosphere warm and inviting. To make sure that the wedding photos match the beautiful ambiance of The Oakeside Mansion Bloomfield NJ. Most couples choose David Eric Photography to capture their special moment. David Eric Photography has photographed a multitude of weddings over the years, but has the unique ability to capture the magnificence of weddings at The Oakeside Mansion Bloomfield NJ in every picture.

The Oakeside Mansion Bloomfield NJ

What Makes The Oakeside Mansion Bloomfield NJ so popular is the Warm and romantic atmosphere.  The venues space is very versatile so it can accommodate many different sized weddings. Wedding vendors are very familiar with The Oakeside Mansion Bloomfield NJ so it is no problem getting a caterer, DJ, or florist to work at an event. In fact, many wedding vendors, like David Eric Photography, have worked so often at The Oakeside Mansion Bloomfield NJ it is like a second home. Making it ideal for the couples getting married here. They can hire experts who know how to get the most out of the many unique features of the location. The vendor’s experience adds to the value that they can bring to the special day.

The Oakeside Mansion Bloomfield NJ Hosts a Special Day

At this past wedding, the food was delicious, the flowers were inspiring, and the DJ kept the guests entertained for the entire night. It was a classic wedding with all of the traditional wedding activities and traditions. The bride and groom tied the knot in front of friends and family in a beautiful ceremony that symbolized the love that they share.

The Reception

The couple shared their first dance. The speeches contained a right mix of lighthearted fun and touching moments about their connections to the bride and groom and the love that they share.

Dinner was a gourmet delight but the real star of the day was the delicious cake. The Baker outdid themselves by creating a treat that not only looked remarkable but tasted as good as it looked. If you have been to many weddings, you probably know that this is not always the case. After dinner was served the real party began as the dance floor was occupied by the guests. The DJ played a great mix of music that was able to satisfy both the young and old. The wedding was a grand celebration and Of course, all of these magical moments captured by the talents of David Eric Photography.

About David Eric Photography Services

As a winner of many awards the Jerry and Caroline Rizzo of David Eric Photography is not your average wedding photographers. They are so popular at The Oakeside Mansion Bloomfield NJ, as they approach every wedding as a unique event. As a result, they capture the personalities and excitement of the wedding day. Every couple is different. Hence their wedding pictures should reflect this. Couples spend lots of time planning a perfect wedding. The photographs David Eric Photography takes are the timeless keepsakes that will forever capture these memories. This responsibility is why it is so important to hire the best professional photographer available. For weddings at The Oakeside Mansion Bloomfield NJ this is more often than not David Eric Photography.

Other services David Eric Photography provides include:

– Engagement Pictures

– Family Portraits

– Pet Photography

– Executive Head Shots

– Child Photography

– And Much More

David Eric Photography provides professional wedding services in the New Jersey area. Including Bergen, Passaic, Essex, Hudson Counties, and the surrounding areas. We have traveled to New York City as well as the Jersey Shore and beyond. Interested in wedding photos, or any other types of photography, you should contact them today.

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