New Jersey wedding Interesting things that I have experienced

A photographer’s perspective: Interesting things that I have experienced at a New Jersey wedding.

In all the years that I have been photographing a New Jersey wedding, I am always asked, “what are some of the most interesting things you have seen?  You must have enough to write a book.” Well, I have seen my share of crazy things, but I have also seen my share of interesting things that still make me stop and say WOW! LOOK AT THAT!!

After I started putting my list together, I realized that many unique things could be done at a New Jersey Wedding, and I had to narrow down this list.  So I have it down to my top 5. And if you didn’t make a list, I’m sorry, but this was hard. I have realized that my brides are so creative that I am overwhelmed with all the ideas they come up with.  So here we go:

Members of the bride and groom’s family playing at the New Jersey Wedding.

Me being Kinda a music buff, I’m always in awe of this.  Last year we had 2 weddings where family members got up on stage and had a concert for the bride and groom.  

At Caroline and Matthew’s New Jersey Wedding at Lake Valhalla Club in Montville, NJ,  her father’s band did a full set with her dad playing on the drums.

Family playing music at New Jersey wedding reception                                                    Family playing music at New Jersey wedding reception


Second, at Anastasia and Dan’s New Jersey Wedding at Season’s in Washington Township, NJ,  his brother got up and played guitar and sang to their first dance song.

Family playing music at New Jersey wedding reception

The Persian Table

Now I have done my share of ethnic weddings and seen the Persian table set up before, but this one was breathtaking.  The size of it was larger than a regular kitchen table. And it was filled with candies, nuts, cookies, just about anything made of sugar, nuts, and fruit.  I was curious about the significance of this, so I asked the moms what everything meant. It all had to do with love,

fertility, success, and wishes for the bride and groom.  I was overwhelmed with the meanings of it all. See for yourself.

Persian Table at a New Jersey wedding

Persian Table at a New Jersey Wedding                                                                                                                                            Persian Table at a New Jersey Wedding Persian Table at a New Jersey wedding

Dog as a ring bearer.

This is probably my favorite, but that is because I love dogs and enjoy photographing them.  Now I have many talks about wanting their pet to be involved with the wedding but never having one at the actual ceremony unless it was at a public park or private home.  At Christie and Daniel’s wedding at The Tide Estates in North Haledon, NJ, they were allowed to have their baby walk down the aisle with the rings on him during the ceremony.  He was so cute. I wanted to take him home so badly.

Dog as ring bearer at a New Jersey Wedding           Dog as ring bearer at a New Jersey Wedding          Dog as ring bearer at a New Jersey Wedding

Custom Cake with favorite sports teams.

Now I have seen my share of custom cakes—all elegant and unique. And I have seen my share of groom’s cakes all outrageous and unusual.  But here at Marni and Gustavo’s wedding, they went and combined the two ideas. View the cake from one side, and it is an elegant and romantic wedding cake for her.  Flip the cake around, and each layer displays the emblems from each of his favorite teams of southern Florida. What a great idea to satisfy both personalities.

New Jersey Wedding Cake

New Jersey Wedding Cake

Wearing a different color for your wedding gown for your New Jersey wedding.

Now I know that tradition states the bride wears a white or an off-white dress.  But times are a-changing. Now anything goes. Many designers have added slight tints to the dresses, such as pink, peach, blue, etc.  But here are two examples that you don’t have to wear white for your wedding dress. Though designers aren’t making this an option for all the dresses, it is becoming available more often.  The red wedding and the Black wedding gown. And if you are a fan of saying yes to the dress, you are starting to hear a request for a colorful wedding gown every so often. I have to tell you, it is an attention-getter, and you will get fabulous feedback about it.  If you are still on the hunt for the perfect New Jersey Wedding dress, try something different, like color rather than white. You may surprise yourself.

         Red Wedding Dress at a New Jersey WeddingBlack Wedding Dress at New Jersey Wedding

So there you have it.  Now in my 26 years of photographing weddings, I have seen my share of memorable moments.  Some good like the ones listed and some not so good. But these, I do have to say, are my most memorable and favorite moments.  I hope this gives you some inspiration in planning your New Jersey Wedding. TATA, for now, guys.

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