6 Reasons To Hire a Bergen County New Jersey Engagement Photographer

Congratulations, the one person you hoped to spend the rest of your life with has finally put a ring on it. Now you are thinking of doing an engagement photo shoot but you are not sure if you should hire a Bergen county New Jersey engagement photographer or your cousin in college who has a phone with a high-resolution camera.

Your cousin takes many great pictures. Her selfies are always “slaying” but a few things could happen when you hire her:

a) She might promise to show up for the shoot but flake out when you least expect.

b) She might not even care about your engagement shoot because they do not understand why it’s important to you in the first place.

c) You may end up straining your relationship with her. Let’s face it, it’s easier to tell a professional photographer that you hate the photos than it is to tell your favorite cousin that her pictures are horrible.


You have to engage the services of a Bergen county New Jersey engagement photographer if you want great results. At David Eric Photography, we specialize in wedding and engagement photo shoots. We are one of the top engagement photographers in Bergen county New Jersey and we can provide you with the results you are looking for.

Who Are We?

David Eric Photography is Bergen County New Jersey Engagement Photographer a full service wedding and portrait photography studio that offers high end boutique style wedding albums. We are a husband and wife duo and our main objective is to provide quality portraits and albums that you can enjoy for years to come. For the past five years we have been nominated and have won Knot of the Best Weddings awards. We have also been inducted into the Knot Hall of Fame for the past two years. We have also won the Wedding Wire Couples Choice Awards for the past six years.

Why Should You Hire Us?

1. We are Committed to You

The best engagement photographers in Northern New Jersey know they have a business to run and they will show up on the day of your shoot. As engagement photographers we are obligated to show up at your shoot and take incredible pictures because you are paying us and we already have a contract which must be honored.

2. We are Experienced Bergen county New Jersey engagement photographer

We are one of the top engagement photographers Northern New Jersey and we have spent thousands of hours doing engagement shoots. We know when you will pull that blissful smile and we know when your fiancé will look at you with so much love and excitement. We know how to use poses, angles and lighting to enhance your features and to hide your imperfections.

3. We Deliver Mind Blowing Results

Engagement photographers in Bergen county New Jersey are obligated to give you the best results. You get what you pay for. Paying for a service makes such a huge difference as opposed to asking a relative for a favor. We have a lot to lose if we take bad photos. We know that you won’t recommend us to other people and this is bad for business. And in this era of social media, we know that word about our terrible services will spread like wild fire. We pride ourselves as providing the best experience for our clients. If we didn’t, our business wouldn’t still exist 25.5 years later.

4. We Always Have a Backup Plan

Nothing is more frustrating than taking great photos only to misplace or worse, damage the memory card containing the pictures. As top engagement photographers Bergen county New Jersey, we always have a backup so you can be guaranteed that you are covered no matter what happens. We cannot afford to leave you with nothing.

5. We Can Capture Moments You Never Knew Happened

An engagement shoot should be fun and most couples choose a location that has special meaning to them. As top engagement photographers Northern New Jersey, we will work with you to capture the spirit of the occasion. It doesn’t matter what theme you choose. As long as you are having fun, we will create fabulous, personalized images. You’ll be surprised at the many funny and moving moments we can capture.

6. An Amateur Photographer Can Ruin Your Engagement Shoot

The best Bergen county New Jersey engagement photographerin Bergen county New Jersey know they must be assertive and engaging in order to take awesome pictures without irritating you. This requires the photographers to have the right personality and experience. Hiring an amateur photographer means more work for you because they won’t know what shots to take or which details to attend to. We have years of experience and we have a specific way of doing things so you won’t be standing around at your photo shoot wondering what to do next.