Photography New Jersey | Portrait History

Photography New Jersey | Portrait History

At Photography New Jersey We take great pride in our 20 year love of photography. Our New Jersey studio sets the standard for photographic excellence and exceptional service.

Over the years we have evolved from a conventional portrait business in to a much more exciting portrait artist. We are creating art-like portraits which have a scenic quality, are emotionally charged and often have a fashion flair.

We are committed to providing you with a unique and memorable experience with a combination of the charm and dignity of the past blended with the finest equipment of the present day.

Thank you for considering David Eric Studio of photography New Jersey, your source for Fine Quality Portraiture.

-Jerry and Caroline Rizzo

Children’s Portraits

A Baby toddles but a few months out of it’s lifetime. A boy can be hugged and comforted such a handful of years. Families need quiet, formal portraits to remember childhood. Gentle, perceptive portraits to tell us who he was – even then.

Our color portraits never change. Never grow up. Forever afterwards, when we long for the touch of a tiny hand, a David Eric Studio Photography New Jersey portrait is the gift of total recall. When your heart whispers, “Please, let me have this child a child forever.” And your mind answers, sadly, “no”, it’s time for a Portrait.

A successful child’s portrait is the result of careful planning and pre-portrait preparation between the photographer and the parents. Please read this information carefully. If you have questions or suggestions let us know.

Children are soft and sensitive and should be photographed showing this warmth. We will take a few big smiles and we will make portraits which show the gentle side of your child. When discussing the portrait session with small children tell them that they are going to play with Jerry and Caroline. Don’t overreact. We don’t want them to be afraid, instead we want this to be a fun adventure. Do not threaten children to “do good or else”. If anything tell them they will be rewarded for doing a good job. Please never ask a child to say silly words such as “cheese”. These result in fake and forced expressions. Mom and Dad, “relax and enjoy the session”. The children can sense when parents are uptight or nervous. We will create portraits you will be proud to display, so don’t worry.

A good portrait of a child can never be rushed. We have reserved plenty of time for your portrait session. We may spend up to twenty minutes greeting your child and building “trust” before beginning the session. Do not schedule the session near other appointments. Sometimes it is best to have a parent in the room while a child is being photographed, sometimes it is not. We will make that determination upon meeting your child. Please cooperate with us in this matter.

A Portrait should show show a child looks and feels at a certain ages. Our portraits are usually full length and often we have a child relating to things other than the camera, such as a flower, book or other object. We feel little bare feet are very cute and hats on children are show there personality. Bring toys and other props with you to the portrait session, These items give security and make the portraits more meaningful. If you feel your child will have a problem with shyness or they are afraid of strangers, please call us. We offer a free service called “play time”. We ask that you bring your child by the studio a day or two ahead of their portrait session to meet and play with Jerry & Caroline. This will create a bond of trust and results in better portraits. Please call for an appointment of play time.

Family Portraits

Every child ever born hungers for stories about his family. It helps him get the world straight in his mind. It tells him who he is. When he can see family faces, Photographed in a yester-year, today comes better into focus. Families need to be photographed regularly, as time touches each countenance, as we change and grow. Your family can be captured in their most comfortable surroundings, either your home, outdoors or most any place that is special to your family. Family portraits remember yesterday, and the many faces of love.

The unique sensitivity of the portrait is due to Jerry himself. His enthusiasm, sincerity and true desire to create a lasting portrait of your family, can be found in very few photographic artists today. His careful blend of photographic technique such as natural lighting, dynamic composition, psychology, art and color harmony give his work a very special style. Jerry is creating exciting images which have a scenic quality and have a natural look with an artistic flair.

Elegant Portraits of New Mothers

Help your loved ones relive the moments that reflect you best in their eyes. Let your young child remember the protective love in your eyes; your patience and the joy of a new family