Boudoir Photo | Glamour Photography

Boudoir Photo | Glamour Photography

Ladies, are you having difficulty finding a gift for the man in your life? Instead of buying him the same old thing, why not give him the gift of yourself? Bergen County New Jersey has just the right business to create a lasting, loving, romantic surprise for your significant other.

David Eric Photography studio specializes in boudoir pictures for women to give their men. We are expert photographers that will work with you to stage the perfect photo that highlights all of your best (and his favorite) features in the most flattering regard. The photo session is an experience that caters to the subject as much as the recipient of the pictures. The theme and concept will be left up to you. W are here to offer input and support your vision to produce the sexiest and most eye-catching photographs possible and to make this present as special as it can be.


This photo session is all about you and how you want to be represented in the pictures. Any lingerie used will be what you are comfortable wearing. Romantic, whimsical, sexy, or playful lingerie will help dictate the mood of the shoot and the boudoir set can be altered or dressed to compliment the lingerie or outfit to be used in the photographs. Boudoir photography in Bergen County New Jersey strives to heat up any relationship and make sure any gift to him is one-of-a-kind and meaningful to each of you.

If lingerie isn’t your style, speak with Caroline about what can be worn to best create the right kind of mood you are seeking. The boudoir shots are meant to be personal and should display your love and affection for him in a style that appeals to both of you. David Eric Photography in Bergen County New Jersey wants to make the sexiest, most romantic photo worthy of a gift for him. These pictures are memories that will last forever and deepen your bond with that special man.

Photography designed to entice and titillate the man in your life is a unique gift and shows how much thought and effort was put into making such a present come to come true. He will certainly be appreciative when he gets a eyeful of the desirable offering presented to him for any occasion. His birthday, Christmas, your wedding anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or any other day that holds a special meaning to you as a couple can spice up a relationship or just simply break the pattern of mundane presents.

Ladies, you are not the only one who can give this generous present. Men, you can bestow upon her this unique idea. Want to give her a gift that will be returned to you tenfold? Arrange a photo session with Caroline or Jerry of David Eric photography in Bergen County New Jersey  for a boudoir picture that she will, inevitably give to you! A photo session for her is like giving yourself a reward in the disguise of a present solely for her. Either way a photography session is bestowed, both he and she will reap the bounty.

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